5 best video games

As video games become more sophisticated both in their technical section and in their ability to offer different experiences, the choice that players have continues to grow and become more difficult. This year we brought a great variety of titles of all genres, but as always happens, only some managed to excel in the majority, so we decided next to list the 5 that we believe were the best of this 2015, without any order specific. First-person shooters, strategy games, and always-well-rated wrestling titles are the titles they are about to speak out. Following are the 5 best videos games, have a look;

  1. Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild:

One of the games will be the cover letter of the Nintendo Switch. The new console of the Japanese company has the novelty of being able to play in front of the television or separate the portable part of the console and use it anywhere. Players will be able to explore Link’s world with unprecedented freedom for this 30-year-old saga.

  1. 8 Ball Pool Hack:

Do you like pool or billiards? Do you know that game called 8 Ball Pool? This game is wonderful. Not only does it allow you to play against your friends but it is SO DONE, it’s not like other pool games that do not have that knockout royalty. Here everything is very well armed, precision and strength, everything works as you hit, as it should work. I want to point out that our 8 ball pool hack also comes with options so you can take advantage of the hitting form. That is why and for many more qualities this game has become popular worldwide. There are even tournaments, you can find more information about this game from this site, have a look http://8ballpoolhack-game.com/.

  1. Resident Evil 7:

The King of zombie games comes to its seventh edition. Their first-person game mode promises to generate fear among their players, who will have to try to survive when they find themselves undeterred to undead and mutant creatures. In its version for Playstation, 4 will have full support for Playstation VR, promising a virtual reality experience that will lift all of their chairs.

  1. The rise of the Tomb Raider:

If something has Rise of the Tomb Raider is the virtue of offering several playable proposals well-balanced with each other and the ability to amuse from the outset, with a high game pace, a prominent platform and exploration weight, and an endless Of gadgets and possibilities in the hands of Lara Croft.

  1. Bloodborne:

Bloodborne inherits the essence of the saga of Dark Souls and decides to embark on a successful path in many of the decisions it takes. We face a defiant title that bets strongly on the combat as the central axis of his proposal, being offensive, agile and demanding. Next to the combat system and everything related to weapons we have a defiant title, in which death accompanies us constantly, with some memorable bosses, areas that will test our patience, a visual section that generates tension from the first minute until the last and a soundtrack that puts the notes of terror to our ears.